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Sukima Switch (スキマスイッチ)

is a Japanese rock/jazz fusion duo consisting of core members Takuya Ōhashi (大橋卓弥, Ōhashi Takuya), born May 9, 1978, and Shintarō Tokita (常田真太郎, Tokita Shintarō), born February 25, 1978, formed in 1999. Formerly with BMG Japan (bought by SMEJ in early 2009), they signed with Sony Music Japan’s Ariola Japan label in September 2009.


Artist : Sukima Switch
Title : Hello Especially
Release Date : 31 July 2013
Lyric : Jpopasia.com
Translation : Jpopasia.com
Theme Song : Ost. Gin No Saji (Silver Spoon Ending Season 1)

1080p – Sukima Switch – Hello Especially [PV] (Eng Sub) | Ost. Gin No Saji


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