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Is a Japanese rock band from Nagoya, Japan, formed in 2005. The band currently consists of Hidefumi “Ike” Ikeda (vocals), Yuji “UZ” Nakai (guitar, programming), Kenji “Momiken” Momiyama (bass guitar, leader) and Kenta Sasabe (drums). The band’s name, SPYAIR, was determined in one shot by the members, which came from the word spyware, a type of computer virus


Artist : SPYAIR
Title : I’m A Believer
Release : 04 October 2015
Label : Sony Music Associated Records
Lyric : Lyrical-nonsense.com
Translation : Lyrical-nonsense.com
Theme Song : Ost. HAIKYUU !!

720p – SPYAIR – I’m A Believer [PV] (Eng Sub)


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