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Motohiro Hata (秦基博)

(Born 11 October 1980) He is a Japanese singer-songwriter. He debuted under the major label BMG Japan in 2006 with the single “Synchro” (シンクロ, Shinkuro)

Hata is the youngest of three brothers. He moved to Yokohama when he was 2. He began playing the guitar at age 3, after his eldest brother got 3,000 yen from a friend. In junior high school, he began writing songs, and after entering high school started working fully as a musician


Artist : Motohiro Hata
Title : Niji ga Kieta Hi
Release : 04 June 2006
Lyric : Jpopasia.com
Translation : Jpopasia.com

360p – Motohiro Hata – Niji ga Kieta Hi [PV] (Eng Sub)


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