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Yorushika (ヨルシカ)

is a Japanese rock duo founded in 2017 represented by Universal Music Japan. The group is composed of N-buna, a former vocaloid music producer, and Suis, a female vocalist. The duo is extremely secretive, never publicly revealing their faces or holding many concerts. As of date, Yorushika has only held two concerts, one in July 2017 and another in August 2019.

The group’s music are described as “passionate” and “upbeat”, serving as a contrast to the heavier lyrics, which often explore ideas such as love and human emotion and draw from works of literature including Masuji Ibuse and Jules Verne. The name “Yorushika” is taken from a lyric in their song “Kumo to Yūrei” (雲と幽霊): “Yoru shika mō nemurezu ni” (夜しかもう眠れずに, meaning “I can only sleep at night”). The eye-designed logo mark is a motif of two moons facing each other and also serves as a clock hand, portraying the time “from 6:00 to night”.


Artist : Yorushika
Title : Tada Kimi ni Hare (ただ君に晴れ)
Release Date : 2018
Lyric : Animelyrics.com
Translation : Animelyrics.com

1080p – Yorushika – Tada Kimi ni Hare [PV] (Eng Sub)

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