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Japan and Korean MV with Lyric and Translation


HOYO-MiX, the purely original music team of the well-known ACG mobile game “Houkai” series developed by miHoYo, originally composed by Zoe, JODODO and Sya.
HOYO-MiX is the in-house music team of miHoYo, “Diva of Disruptive World”, “Angel of Sin”, “Only Master”, “Yae Sakura”, “The day you and the stars disappeared” and other songs such as “Girls Inside”, “Reburn”, “Millennium Feather”, all of which are composed by HOYO-MiX.


Artist : Aimyon
Title : Kimi Wa Rokku o Kikanai
Release : 09 July 2021
Lyric : Musixmatch.com
Translation : Musixmatch.com
Theme Song : Ost. Honkai Impact 3rd “Everlasting Flames”

1080p – HOYO-MiX – Moon Halo [AMV] (Eng Sub)